::: Corporate Communication Division


Address                  : Paras 25, Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (KOMTAR) 10503 PULAU PINANG.

Telephone               : 04-650 5504 / 650 5147

Fax                           :  04-263 4940

E-mail                      : mazraneesha@penang.gov.my

::: Function



  • Implement and coordinate efforts to improve and upgrade customer relations at state level
  • Manage and monitor customer enquiries
  • Coordinate The Honorable State Secretary working visits
  • Monitor information updates in the Penang State and State Secretariat Portal
  • Act as Secretariat for State Secretariat Portal Working Committee / Official Portal of the State Government and State Secretariat 
  • Coordinate corporate programmes / seminars for Heads of Departments and senior officers
  • Coordinate publication of information for general public
  • Act as Secretariat for Post-Exco Meeting
  • Supervise the Resource Centre of the Penang State Secretariat and carry out the following:

         i) Procurement of books and magazines

         ii) Monthly book promotion

         iii) Upload Newspaper clipping



  • Manages affairs related to public complaints, inquiries, suggestions and appreciation on services offered by the State Government.
  • Mystery Shopping initiative in the State Secretariat and all state departments/agencies.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey for external and internal customers of the State Secretariat.



Plan, coordinate and organise the quality and innovation program at the Department and State Level. Activities carried out are:


a) Innovative and Creative Group (ICC)

  • Coordinate and organise the State Secretariat Innovative and Creative Group (ICC) Convention.
  • Coordinate and organise the Penang State Innovative and Creative Group (ICC) Convention.
  • Coordinate the participation of the winners of the State Level Convention to National ICC Convention.


b) Innovation Award

  • Coordinate Penang State Innovation Award.
  • Organise Penang State Innovation Award Ceremony.


c) Innovation Day

  • Organise Penang State Annual Innovation Day.


d) Penang State Secretariat Innovation Plan

  • Coordinate the implementation of the Penang State Secretariat Innovation Plan.


e) Client Charter

  • Coordinate the implementation of Client Charter of the Penang State Secretariat.
  • Prepare the Client Charter and the performance report in the portal.
  • Monitor client charter performance every month.


f) MS ISO 9001:2008

  • Coordinate the implementation of MS ISO 9001:2008 certification for the Penang State Secretariat.


g) Key Performance Indicator

  • Coordinate the implementation of Key Performance Indicator for Penang State Secretariat and Penang State Departments.


h) 5S

  • Coordinate the implementation of 5S for the Penang State Secretariat.



i) Star Rating System

  • Coordinate the implementation of Star Rating System for the Penang State Secretariat.



  • Manage and co-ordinate programmes to upgrade the English language proficiency and customer service among staff of the civil service
  • Coordinate other language programmes e.g. Mandarin, Hokkien; and other suitable programmes to upgrade the professionalism and motivation of staff of the civil service
  • Execute editing works
  • Coordinate meetings and programmes of Council of Hon. Consuls and Consuls of Foreign Countries
  • Coordinate meeting of Council of Hon. Consuls and Consuls of Foreign Countries