Are the facilities and sports equipments under the Penang State Sports Council available for public use?

Most of the training centers and sports equipments that are under the care or owned by the Penang State Sports Council are being used by elite and backup athletes during training. To become a State athlete, one must make an application via State sports associations. Sports facilities that are available for rent to the public are the Batu Kawan State Stadium, Tanjung Bungah Water Sports Centre, Titi Mukim Sports Complex and the Pusat Bina Diri Pantai Robina.

How can a complaint, inquiry, suggestion or appreciation related to the services offered by the State Government be channeled?

Any complaints, inquiries, suggestions or appreciation related to the services offered by the State Government can be channeled via our Penang Information and Complaints System, http://epintas.penang.gov.my/ or accessed directly from the portal (ePINTAS Icon)

What are the ways to assess the services rendered by the State Secretariat?

Assessment and comments can be made through the Customer Satisfaction Survey at the questionnaire section in the portal

What is PEGIS?

PEGIS is an acronym for Penang Geographic Information System. The role of PEGIS Centre is to provide Geographic Information System (GIS) services and products.

What is PEGIS e-Map?

An online interactive electronic mapping application for users to get information on Penang in map format.

What is the difference between registered and public user?

Registered users are given more information compare to public users. Registered users are only open to government department and agency.

Are there any charges impose for using this facility?

Service are given for free.

What is Projek Titian Saksama Rakyat (PTSR) Penang?

Projek Titian Saksama Rakyat (PTSR) Penang is a form of micro-credit loan fund with an initial allocation of RM3 million. It was created to assist small entrepreneurs and encourage the low income people to venture into business in an effort to eradicate poverty. Penang Development Corporation (PDC) acts as project manager in collaboration with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

What is the maximum loan amount of Project Titian Saksama Rakyat (PTSR) Penang and it's allowable loan period?

The maximum loan amount of Projek Titian Saksama Rakyat (PTSR) Penang is RM5,000.00 and no interest with a maximum repayment period of two (2) years.

What are the criteria to be eligible for Projek Titian Saksama Rakyat (PTSR) Penang loan?

The conditions to apply Projek Titian Saksama Rakyat (PTSR) Penang loan are as follows:- Belong to the lowest income group, families included in the social welfare programme and recipient of financial assistance from Pusat Urus Zakat; Handicapped and single mother; Family's monthly per capita income does not exceed RM400; and Hawkers and petty traders who have business premises in Penang.

What is the steps to set-up and register a Cooperative?

Interested parties should contact the Malaysia Cooperative Societies Commission, State Branch (SKM). The application to open a new cooperative must reach SKM through the Economy Affairs Officer for district or state.