::: Internal Audit Division


Address             :Paras 49, Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (KOMTAR) 10503 PULAU PINANG.

Telephone         :04-6505348/04-2634509

Fax                   :04-263 6035

E-mail               : ahmadzainurin@penang.gov.my 

::: Functions


  • Ensure head of Departments /Agencies handle the financial management/ Activities in a efficiently, Orderly effectively
  • Review the level of Adherence to policies, laws and regulations
  • Review and assess accuracy and validity of the finance and good management
  • Review activities / programmes of organisation to assess their efficiency, economy and effectiveness
  • Inform Heads of Departments / State Agencies of audit findings through observation / independent, objective and timely reports
  • Submit recomendation and advices to improve and enhance operations / activities of activities audited.
  • Ensure organizations' assets and interests are protected from loss, fraud and misappropriation
  • Provide advice and views on internal control systems, including Information Communication Technology
  • Ensure Heads of departments/ Agencies to take action on audit findings and follow up on issues raised
  • Prepare the Division Annual Programme Report for approval of the State Secretary
  • Table the Division's Report at Audit Committee Meeting and Finance and Accounts Management Meeting (JPKA)