Head of Department      :   BHARATHI A/P SUPPIAH

Address                         :  Paras 47, Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (KOMTAR) 10503 PULAU PINANG.

Telephone                      :  04-650 5679 / 650 5680

Fax                                 :  04-2619935

E-mail                             :   bharathi@penang.gov.my

::: Function


  • Monitor the implementation of CMI economy-generating development projects such as:

         i)  Tourism Projects ( sports, health, education, eco-tourism)

         ii)  Infrastructure Projects

         iii) Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery Projects

         iv) Public Transportation Projects

  • Formulate strategies to generate income or revenue from assets of State Government.


  • Manage the Technical and Evaluation Committee Meeting for the preparation of Request for Proposal (RFP) and make detailed assessment of RFP review.

  • Organise consultation meetings with investors from time to time.



  • Implement the procurement process and monitor regularly the implementation of development projects and provide relevant reports.

  • Monitor expenditure and carry out studies on development projects.


  • Manage projects and site visits regularly.
  • Monitor and manage Temporary Occupation Licence and Alienations of Land to CMI and obtain Temporary Ownership from the related District and Land Office.



  • Responsible for office management viz:

         i)   Safety and cleanliness

         ii)  Innovation and quality management

         iii) Document / file management and punch card reports

  • Responsible for financial management and expenditure:


         i)    Provide estimates of the annual budget (operations and development)

         ii)   Manage the procurement of supplies and service

         iii)  Monitor the inventory of the assets of CMI

         iv)  Monitor expenditure

          v)  Manage payment of Temporary Occupation Licence and Alienations of Land to CMI.

  • Manage and monitor the revenue collection involving rental or lease of CMI assets (land & buildings).


  • Manage the appointment of new CMI employees, extension / termination of contract, leave, declaration of assets and traning.