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Night Ride with Link Bike

Press Release by Chief Minister of Penang on 14 April 2017 in Esplanade, George Town, Penang


Night Ride with Link Bike

Link Bike, Penang’s New Jewel

Georgetown, Penang: Link Bike upgraded version 2.0 will be the first and largest bike share system in Malaysia. Bike sharing is a public transportation service which provides users point-to-point transportation for short distances. It allows the users to pick up a bicycle at any one of the 25 self-serve bike stations strategically located in the network and return it to any bike station at their convenience.

The Link Bike system is going to be a huge paradigm shift in urban mobility. It will serve as a great alternative commute for the public as well as tourists and offers a brand new approach to travel around the UNESCO World Heritage city area. MBPP has spent RM 1.85 million for this green project.

Since the launch of Link Bike sharing system comprising 60 bicycles, Link Bike has achieved 3422 ridership as of 11 April 2017. The Link Bike is now ready to serve the people 24-hour with the arrival of 190 new upgraded bikes, expanding the number to 250 Link Bikes!

The 250 Bikes will be distributed and docked at 25 stations strategically scattered throughout the Georgetown area and Penang island. Link Bike is the IoT (Internet of Things) project from MBPP, which is designed to best serve the community and the environment go-green concept. From its inception till now, 1000 riders a month use the existing 60 bicycles.

In line with the launch of Penang International Food Festival 2017 from 15 to 30 April, locals and tourist are welcome to use the Link Bike as a principal mode of transport during this 2-week Festival. If you decide to go for food hunting during night time, Link Bike has been upgraded with LED-powered dynamo hub that will light up at the front and rear of bike once it detected motion or vibration.

For LinkBike Mobile APP that previously only accepted Credit Card, the Link Bike system’s has been upgraded to include LinkBike Card with Cash, Debit Card and Credit card as payment. You are encouraged to sign up as LinkBike Personal Membership, Link Bike Corporate or Family membership at super affordable fee of RM30 per year at Link Bike counter, Pusat Bayaran Setempat, Esplanade with terms and condition applies. For the Link Bike member card, you will only need to scan, ride and return, it is simple as that. Announcement and promotion will be made soon regarding the packages of Link Bike Membership for those who Love touring Georgetown, Penang.

For those who are using the pass on daily basis, Link Bike is highly affordable to all at a price of just RM2.00 for a 24-hour daily pass. You can use any of the bikes for 24 hours with your daily pass and the first 30 minutes of each ride is included in the pass price. If a bike is kept out for more than 30 minutes, a RM1.00 fee will be imposed for every subsequent hour.

Penang has joined the bike sharing in many other parts of the world like US, China, France & Europe countries. Link Bike aims to emulate a similar smart mobility success in Malaysia. The Link Bike program is a step forward to realize Penang State Government’s Vision to make Penang a bicycle state. It is time to join in on this green movement and make Penang cleaner, greener, safer, healthier & happier. Let's cycle!


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