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Flag-Off The Penang Ultra 100

Speech by Penang Chief Minister
Flagoff The Penang Ultra 100
17 September 2016, 9pm at Esplanade


Dato' Ir. Ang Aing Thye, City Council Secretary

Race Director Mr. Anddrew Loh

Hi, Ultraladies and ultramen.

Glad to see everyone here tonight.

Thank you for inviting me to flag off the 3rd Penang 100 Ultramarathon. The Penang State Government is proud to be a part of this effort because it is a Run that not only brings out the best in every runner, but also shows off the best of Penang.

The main objective of this ultra-endurance race is to promote Penang  as a world recognized ultra-running and runner’s state. The Run comprises of 3 categories which are 50km Ultra, 84km Round Island and 100km Challenge. There are a total of 541 runners for 3 categories and 11% are international runners who from 17 countries which is America, Australia, British, Brunei, China, Philippines, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Penang ultra marathon has become an example of how a sporting event can firstly, promote a region and secondly, contribute to local economic development.

Penang has the reputation as being the "food paradise" in the region, but Penang is not only a foodie’s haven, it is also leading the country in terms of effectively promoting healthy lifestyle choice for its residents and visitors.

Penang is leading other Malaysian states in promoting cycling and does that by trying to provide good cycling infrastructure. I am glad to know that when we flag off ultra marathon tonight, the 100km and 84km ultra runners will run thru the East Coast Cycling Lanes from Karpal Singh Drive.

The Penang State Government's progress in building the basic infrastructure to provide a safer cycling environment for the cyclists and also runners. A 39.3km bicycle lane from Straits Quay to Penang International Airport is about to be completed. Right now, public can enjoy the completed 12.5km bicycle lane from Queensbay Mall to Gama Supermarket.

The tender has already been awarded for 3 major bicycle bridges which cost a total of RM 8.9 million that will be ready by early 2018. The progress of Bicycle Lane from Tanjung Tokong to Padang Kota Lama and from Queensbay Mall to Airport is currently under open tender, which will close by the end of August 2016.

Ladies and gentlemen, Penang ultra marathoners are the real ultraladies and ultramen, specially the 100km challengers will hike up to Penang Hill. This is also Penangites' spirit, with the same tenacity, hard work, discipline and willing to take challenges.

This event is organised by ActifeStyle Concept, jointly organized by Penang Government and MBPP. Tonight is a culmination of all the hard work put in days and nights by all of them to realise one dream of holding a World Class sport event in Penang and one ambition of making Penang a sporting city of choice in Malaysia.

This is a unique, challenging and beautiful night ultra-race for enthusiasts as well as a perfect chance to take part in an unforgettable event.

Enjoy the experience of the Ultra-Run.

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