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Penang Hot Air Balloon Mini Fiesta



13 Dec 2015

at Occupy Beach Street


I wish you all a very good morning and thank you for being present here at the Penang Hot Air Balloon Mini Fiesta which promotes the upcoming Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2016 on the second day of 2016 Chinese New Year of the Monkey.

The Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2016 will be happening for the second time in conjunction with Chinese New Year on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th February 2016 where 15 international and local hot air balloons will participate. Over these two days, the event will be held from 7am to 9.30pm at Padang Polo (Polo Ground) once again. Entrance is free.

Besides the impressive hot air balloons, there will be family-friendly activities, creative workshops, and many other exciting activities. The Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2016 is organised by AKA Balloons Sdn Bhd, and supported by the Penang State Government with the cooperation of the City Council of Penang Island (MBPP) and Penang Global Tourism.

Before the main event itself, we are organising this ‘mini fiesta’ as a pre event to start off the hype. What’s this ‘mini fiesta’ about? As you can see, for the first time, we are having a model hot air balloon displayed right here at Beach Street as well as the ‘cold inflation’ activity that’s also set up for you to have glimpse of what the main event will be featuring.

We’ve also started having the Mini Paper Craft Balloons Colouring Workshop held on Saturdays at Gurney Paragon’s Penang On 6 and Sundays at Occupy Beach Street. This is a free colouring workshop where it’s open to children aged 12 years and below. Participants will be provided with the balloon paper craft and paint to colour it. The completed mini paper balloons will then be selectively displayed at the Esplanade on 22nd Dec till the main event in Feb next year.

This time, we are opening up to the public, especially the children to get involved by expressing their creativity freely in the mini paper craft artwork. A lighting ceremony will be done for this purpose to showcase their mini paper balloons at the Esplanade. This event is especially called The Path of Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2016.

Well, indeed there’s a series of events happening to build up the momentum for the main hot air balloon event happening on the 2nd and 3rd day of Chinese New Year. So, be sure not to miss out on any of it. With this, I’d like to end my speech here and wish all of you a great time at Penang Hot Air Balloon Mini Fiesta!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is also our 2nd anniversary of Occupy Beach Street.

Occupy Beach Street Project is an initiative to bring life into Beach Street on Sundays. This state government project coincides with Car-Free Day which is implemented every Sunday from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm on a stretch of Beach Street from Downing Street to Church Street. In addition to Beach Street, other streets in the area that are pedestrianized include Bishop Street, Church Street and Church Street Ghaut.

In this December, there'll be plenty of ways to celebrate alongside Occupy Beach Street's 2nd anniversary! From a vintage 16mm film workshop to Penang Hot Air Balloon Mini Fiesta, buskers from over the seas, clowns, zumba dancers, ukulele strummers and almost every kind of artist in between.

BEACH STREET FIESTA 2015 will have tons to see, do, hear, taste and experience! So come party aplenty... all month long! I wish that all of you can enjoy all these events.

Thank you!

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