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::: Unit Kerajaan Tempatan

Ketua Jabatan :OON LAI KUAN

Alamat             :Paras 20, Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (KOMTAR) 10503 PULAU PINANG.

Telefon            :04-650 5374 / 650 5365 / 650 5379

Fax                  :04-261 6402


::: Fungsi


1. Regulate and coordinate the policies from The State  Government and Federal Government on Local Government
2. Secretariat for MMK Local Government Committee
3. Coordinate and process the applications from the Local Authority to the State Government
4. Secretariat to the Committees as follows:-

  • State Public Entertainment Licence Appeal Committee.
  • Personal Jetski Enactment Implementation Committee
  • Adhoc Committees set up from time to time
  • State Excise Licensing Board
  • Local Government Consultative Forum
  • State Geographical Names Committee.
  • Swiftlet Nest Industry Committee
  • CDM Project Technical Committee
  • Telecommunication Tower Technical Committee
  • Penang Eco Town Project Committee
  • State Coastal Cleansing
  • Private Sector CSR  Committee
  • Hawkers Association Joint Consultative Council
  • GRB Steering Committee

5. Cleaner Greener Penang (CGP) Program
6. Monitor and manage the new application and renewal of  auctioneer's license
7. Managing matters related to State Appeal Board
8. Manage the appointment of Local Authority Councilors


1. Regulate and coordinate the implementation of policies from The State  and Federal Government on traffic management
2. Secretariat for MMK Traffic Management Committee
3. Secretariat for Penang Transport Council
4. Secretariat for Transport Master Plan Technical Committee and Transport Master Plan Steering Committee.
5. To supervise and coordinate the implementation of the State Transportation Master Plan
6. Manage and update the state Transport Council Website
7. To receive, collect and provide feedback on civil complaints, opinions, suggestions and comments in the State Government Website
8. Monitor  ”Bridge Express Shuttle Transit” (BEST) Program
9. Promote public transport to Penangites


1. Coordinate and monitor matters pertaining to services, administration and finance for Local Goverment Division.