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Penang This Month

  • ansara2014en
  • Penang International Lion Dance
    timthumb 7
    • Yuran Kemasukan: Percuma
      Tarikh Mula: 24-05-2014
      Tarikh Akhir: 25-05-2014
      Hubungi:  Penang Tourism Development
                    Commitee and Wushu, Lion &
                    Dragon Dace Association Penang
      Lokasi: Penang

  • Perfect Living 2014    timthumb 6
    • Yuran: Percuma
      Tarikh Mula: 23-05-2014
      Tarikh Akhir: 25-05-2014
      Hubungi: 03 – 8075 7375
      Lokasi: Penang 
  • Penang Night Career & Postgraduate Expo 2014

    • Yuran Kemasukan: Percuma
      Tarikh Mula: 24-05-2014     timthumb 8
      Tarikh Akhir: 25-05-2014
      Hubungi: 012-4224004
      Lokasi: Penang
    • Festival Durian
    • Yuran Kemasukan: Percuma timthumb 9
      Tarikh Mula: 01-06-2014
      TArikh Akhir: 31-07-2014
      Hubungi: Penang Share Tourism

      Lokasi: Penang
  • Dragon Boat Festival 2014
     timthumb 11
    Yuran Kemasukan: Rujuk Laman web
    Tarikh Mula: 07-06-2014 09:00
    Tarikh Akhir: 08-06-2014 17:00
    Hubungi: 012-4830448
    Lokasi: Penang

  • Give blood
  • liondance
  • perfectliving
  • Postgraduate
  • festival durian
  • Dragon Boat


Head of Depart.      :Siti Asma' bt Mohd Salleh

Address                  :Paras 49, Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (KOMTAR) 10503 PULAU PINANG.

Telephone              :04-650 5155

Fax                         :04-263 3642/04-261 3159


::: Function



State Council

  • Distribute the decisions of the State Government Council meeting.

  • Monitor the response/feedback of the decision of the State Government Council meeting.

  • Provide feedback to the State Government Council meeting.


The State Clemency Board and Matters under the Criminal Procedure Code

  • Carry out the duties as Secretariat of The State Clemency Board.

  • Manage the provision of order under section 344(ii) and 348(iii), Criminal Procedure Code at the pleasure of the Head of State  for detention at Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta, Perak.


  • His Excellency Head of Penang State

  • Right Honourable Chief Minister

  • Honourable Members of the State Government Council

  • Honourable State Legislative Members

State Honorary Titles, Awards and Medals of Honour

  • Process nominations and carry out duties as Secretariat for the Selection Committee.

  • Process offer letters to the recipients.

  • Prepare honorary titles, order, medals of honour and credentials.

  • Manage funeral ceremony.

  • Process gazettes.

  • Update the list of award recipients.

  • Manage the State Legislative Assembly sitting.

  • Manage the committee established under the State Legislative Assembly.

  • Manage the administration and affairs of the State Legislative Assembly members, Members of the State Government Council and staff of the State Legislative Assembly Division.



  • Manage and carry out Penang State Government official ceremonies according to the rules, procedures and protocol compliance. The State Official Ceremonies which are celebrated at the state level are:

         i.  Maal Hijrah Celebration

         ii.  Mawlid Celebration

         iii.  Opening of the State Legislative Assembly

         iv.  Birthday of His Majesty the King

         v.   Birthday of His Excellency Head of Penang State

         vi.  National Day Celebration

         vii. Nasyid Festival

         viii.Tilawah Al-Quran


  • Manage and assist visits/conference/meetings by government leaders/organisations/government agencies and foreign representatives in Penang.


  • Distribute and schedule the drivers’ duties and vehicle usage pool.


  • Provide advice and assist other departments/agencies in handling events or programmes.
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Banning foreigners from cooking our favourite hawkers' food will ensure that the authentic and unique Penang flavour is retained