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Penang This Month

    "We Are The World"
    As a quote by Pablo Picasso - The Artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place : from sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web "As such we beliEve when artists paint, they painted what the world touch his or her "HEART" which bring "TRUTHFULNESS, GOODNESS AND BEAUTY" to our live

    Venue: Penang State Art Gallery, 3rd Floor, Dewan Sri Pinang, Light Street, 10200, Penang
    Time: 9am until 5pm (Open Daily except Friday & Public Holidays)
    Duration of the Exhibition: 1st until 22nd July 2015
    Official Opening : 6th July 2015
    Time: 6.00pm

What is PEGIS e-Map?

An online interactive electronic mapping application for users to get information on Penang in map format.


SISTEM PERMOHONAN BANTUAN PENDAFTARAN PELAJAR KE INSTITUT PENGAJIAN TINGGI (iBiTA) Pemohonan Bantuan Pendaftaran Pelajar ke IPT dibuka mulai 1 Jun 2015sehingga 30 Jun 2015. Sila klik disini untuk sya... Read more

Adakah pembinaan Jambatan Ke-2 Pulau Pinang telah mengurangkan kesesakan lalu lintas di Pulau Pinang?


If the public transportation in Penang is efficient, then more people in Penang will be able to afford houses for not assigning additional expenses for private vehicles

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